Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Foundation School

• Aimed at learners from ages 3 to 8
• Included classes are Pre-KG, LKG, UKG and classes I and II

The early years in a child’s life are very important. By the time your child is 6 years old, 90% of their brain development has already taken place.

It is not only health and nutrition that affects the development of a child. For your child to comfortably grow into their full potential, the quality of the psycho-social environment the child grows up is of vital importance. Our foundation curriculum helps cultivate an activity-based environment where your child feels challenged, motivated and encouraged.

Preparatory School

• Aimed at learners from ages 8 to 11
• Included classes are 3, 4 and 5

The preparatory school is where all young learners are introduced to mathematics, general and social sciences and language classes. The preparatory school curriculum complements the foundation school curriculum. All learning will be based on experiencing and through activities. We want our students to discover, experience, interact and question everything around them and we facilitate that through our activity-based, interactive classroom learning.

Middle School

• Aimed at learners from ages 11 to 14
• Included classes are 6th, 7th and 8th

Our middle school curriculum is aimed around cultivating the necessary knowledge our students require. In addition to regular subjects which are left to the discretion of the State and local communities, we also ensure vocational subjects. We believe that experiencing and experimenting is the best way to learn. This is why at ACSN, we enrich our students’ learning experience with experimental learning in mathematics, general and social sciences, arts and humanities.