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Our Staff

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Being an educational institution seeking to shape the visions of the future, we believe that our team of teachers are our greatest asset. Meet the people that guide your child to realise their future.

Administrative Team

Sri. C.Xavier

fOUNDER & Chairman



Mr. Moses J R




Our Teachers

Ms. Malini M.K

Subjects Handled
Science & Hindi

Graduation in Botany B.Ed in Natural Science K-TET Sahityacharya from Kerala Hindi Pracharasabha Diploma in Computer from C-DIT

About Malini
Ms. Malini has over 12 years of teaching experience. Teaching is her passion, which is why she enjoys her job so much. She teaches Hindi and Science at Archangel's. Teaching science provides her learners a lot of opportunities to improve their thinking skills, and Ms. Malini enjoys teaching her students various concepts of science through activities.
“I believe that a teacher can make a difference in a child’s life every single day and direct them in the right direction”

Ms. Blessy Angel

Subjects Handled
Maths and Malayalam

Bachelor’s in Commerce
Master’s in Commerce

About Blessy
Ms. Blessy has been with our team for over 5 years. She has enjoyed the eight years of her teaching career, which has given her a lot of experience dealing with a lot of students. She comments that she has learned from them as much as they have from her. At Archangel’s, she engages her students in a direct methodology that enables learners to think far more than is in the textbook.
“Teaching gives me complete satisfaction. I see it not just as my passion, but as an opportunity to learn as well”

Ms. Parvathy GS

Subjects Handled

M.A English
Member of ELTAI (English Language Teaching Association of India) Online courses in ELT

About Parvathy
Ms. Parvathy is a passionate teacher as well as a lifelong learner. Being a member of the ELTAI, she gets a lot of opportunities to attend webinars and meetings that improve her teaching skills. Ms. Parvathy is an ardent lover of literature. She not only enjoys reading English literature, but also Malayalam. She loves children and firmly believes that teaching literature can create a better tomorrow.
“Literature is like a mysterious illusion that can even persuade the human mind.”

Lakshmi L

Subjects Handled

Graduation in Botany
Bachelor in Education
M.Sc Sociology

About Lakshmi
Ms. Lakshmi is an ardent and dedicated teacher. She considers teaching to be the most divine and noble profession. She always tries to create a good rapport with her students. Her aim is to make her students good human beings with many good values. Ms. Lakshmi comments that she enjoys her job at the school.
“Stepping into the Archangel’s school compound makes me happy and I forget all my problems”

Ms. Lija L Stephen

Subjects Handled

Graduation from All Saints College Bachelor’s in Education

About Lija
Ms. Lija is our science teacher at Archangel’s Central School. She brings with her over 15 years of experience as a science teacher. Teaching is a very fulfilling profession for Ms. Lija. She finds satisfaction in getting an opportunity to mould the minds of the future generation. She makes sure that her students get good quality education and help them easily understand concepts so that knowledge is easily accessible to every student.
“Teaching gives a chance to dedicate my life in learning”

Ms. Tessy K Philip

Subjects Handled

Master’s in Computer Application
BSc Mathematics

About Tessy
As a teacher, Tessy enjoys working with a variety of students. She enjoys helping students become as independent as possible. She believes that her profession gives children the skills they need to go out into the world and succeed.
“My first responsibility is towards my students, and hence the greatest satisfaction in my teaching is to the development of my students.”

Ms. Smitha Binukumar

Subjects Handled
English, Maths and Communication

Graduation in Physics
B.Ed in Physical Science
Master’s in Councelling Psychology

About Smitha
Smitha has two years of experience in the teaching field. She enjoys being a teacher and loves to get her learners excited about school and help them realize that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. Her greatest satisfaction as a teacher is the sense of contribution she makes to the development of kids. .
“It gives me the chance to be continuously creative and act better. More than that, the most satisfying thing is the love and the smiles of little children.”

Ms. Sangeetha G.S

Subjects Handled

Master’s in Hindi Literature from Kerala Prachar Sabha
B.Ed in Hindi

About Sangeetha
Ms. Sangeetha is a self-motivated person who is also great at communicating. She considers herself to be hardworking and honest in her work. Ms. Sangeetha is talented at not just her teaching, but also at managing cultural events and educational programs. When she’s not teaching, she reads, sings, and cooks. To her, teaching is a platform for improving herself and building relationships with students.
“I get great satisfaction when my students understand my teaching and respond to my lessons.”

Ms. Saritha SS

Subjects Handled

Graduation in Economics
Bachelor’s in Social Science

About Saritha
Ms. Saritha works with different age groups of students at our school. She considers her career an opportunity to empower children with knowledge. The wide variety and ages of students she works with helps her improve her ideas, update her knowledge and better understand the feelings of students.
“ I feel most satisfied when my students are proving their excellence in various fields.”